Olio Vergine | Giovanni Ventra

Virgin Olive Oil | Giovanni Ventra

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 locationPlace: Cittanova (RC)  Pressed: December 2018

Free Acidity: <2%Cultivar: Ottobratica, Sinopolese, Ciciarello


Harvest: from the beginning of November to the end of December, that is when the olives are already well ripe, with mechanical shakers that make them fall on suspended nets. Then they are collected in the bins and cold pressed in a state-of-the-art continuous cycle plant within 12/24 hours.

Virgin Oil: very similar to extra-virgin Il Secolare by characteristics with some difference given by the maturation of the olives, which slightly increases the acidity (and for this reason it is classified as Virgin). It has a sweeter taste and a more golden color with minor green tones. This virgin oil is perfect for those looking for the everyday ingredient, especially during cooking. There are dishes where the extra-virgin is almost wasted. From the rich fried vegetables, like the base for the Bolognese sauce, to the deep fried vegetables, meat and fish, the Virgin oil of the Giovanni Ventra Farm is the right compromise between quality, price and a taste less bitter than its more noble sibling. Also ideal for children, due to its sweetness, easier to accept than an extra-virgin with an intense flavor and spicy taste.