FAQ | Extra vergin olive oil

Foozmarket blog has been created to clarify some pillars of the extra vergin olive oil that, as often happens, are not properly known by consumers nevertheless extra virgin olive oil is spread around our kitchens and served together with a good pizza.

Curiosities to be satisfied or technical needs are fundamentals to be understood during the preparation of some recipes. Foozblog, through its charts, aims to satisfy the most disparate curiosities having as our single point of reference our product: EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


About the oil, is it inside pizza dough?

Why does good oil pinches?

 Does oil exist in a light version?
Is it possible to fry with olive oil?
How to taste extravergin olive oil?

 What is the "right" color of the oil EVO?

EVOO & CONSERVATION Is it possible to freeze EVO oil?
How is it possible to preserve EVO oil?

When does EVO oil expires?

PURCHASING GUIDLINES What is the best period to purchase EVO oil?
What is the difference between Olive oil and extra vergin Olive oil?
What is the difference between vergin oil and extra vergin olive oil?
How to choose an extra vergin olive?
9 reason to gift extra vergin olive oil