Frequently asked questions

What is fooz!?

fooz! is a platform through which is possible to choose high quality EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) directly from producers. Indeed, fooz is just like a virtual showcase for small-medium agricultural entities. You select your EVOO and proceed to the purchase. Producers receive a notifications of your interest and they deliver EVOO directly to your home, without intermediaries.

Where the EVOO present on fooz! comes from?

Our producers are selected all over the Italian territory, based on strict standards defined by fooz! and according to our principles. Indeed, they are always small-medium entities, which produce their EVOO following high quality procedures with no intensive cultivation.

Inside our foozmap will be found production places and locations of farmers selling through our platform.

How producers are selected to sell on fooz!?

fooz! always asks to every merchant to demonstrate standard of production, methods and double checks information. Actually, there is no producer selling through our platform from which we did not taste the products.

How can i be sure of product availability?

fooz! establishes a contact between Producers and Consumers for a convenient and straightforward deal. However, although there are people working 24/7, fooz! cannot be 100% sure that products are ready to be delivered at the moment of purchasing. In the rare case products are not available - as an example there could be the possibility that a producer declares an availability that is not fulfilled - fooz! will immediately do:

- Propose to the Consumer to substitute with a similar product

- Refund the Consumer

What happens once EVOO has been purchased?

Once purchased, EVOO is delivered directly by producers, in such a way products can be sooner available for Consumers . fooz! will manage the delivery, will verify availability of the product and will update during the delivery. In few days, you will receive the product, directly by the producer hand.

Which are payment methods supported?

Paypal and credit/debit card. It is not possible to pay at the delivery.

What if I come from Alaska?

fooz! will deliver EVOO to Alaska.

How can I be sure that the EVOO delivered is the same purchased through the platform?

 The fooz! team has the mission to satisfy the customer. First, the producer has the interest to deliver what is promised because a customer is forever. Furthermore, we are working to a smart tracking system, based on blockchain, through which it will be possible to verify each single bottle and route, from tree to me. Moreover, our producers are showing their faces and they are proud of what they sell. Believe us, there is no interest in selling different products.

Are there any costs related to delivery?

Delivery is free in Italy. We are working to make it free all over the Europe. if you want to know delivery costs for your country, here it is!

What are delivery times?

In Italy fooz! delivers in 3-4 days from the order. In the rest of the world, times depends country by country. Delivery time will be communicated in the ordering phase.

Is there any minimum amount to spend?

There is no minimum amount and free shipping in Italy is not subjected to minimum basket.

I am a producer and i would be part of fooz! producers, what do I have to do?

If you are an agricultural firm and you want to start selling on fooz!, fill this module and you will be contacted to verify all qualitative standards requested by fooz! Please, prepare your EVOO, we want to taste it!

I am a producer, do I have to pay to sign on fooz!?

No, the service is completely free. we want to know you and figure it out your product standards and methods of production before publishing your profile, in such a way our customer can be sure of what we are selling them.

How can I get in contact?

Send an e-mail at contact@foozmarket.com, or call/write on whatsapp at +39 3922874058.

we are on telegram, instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest.

If you send a postcard of your holidays, you can do it at fooz!

Via Niccolò’ Piccinni, 65, 70122, Bari, Italia.

I do not know what to choose, what do I do?

Nice question. Sometimes is not easy to choose EVOO. We are here for you, we are here to help you. Anyway, downloading our e(voo)book and visiting our blog, you can broaden your knowledge in such a way everything will be easier.

Beyond the price, every oil sold on fooz! meets our high quality standards. There are many award-winning and less known, but all quality oils.

If I have a problem with the product and I want to return it, what do I do?

If you encounter problems with the product received (damaged goods, missing or not corresponding to the order) you can request a refund within 8 days from the date of receipt: read the section Terms and Conditions. For any clarification or problem do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by sending an e-mail to contact@foozmarket.com indicating:

1) Order number

2) Date

3) Producer

4) Problem encountered

In which cases can I return the oil?

Visit the page dedicated to our "return policy" to know the cases in which it is possible to return the product and in what way.

My oil has not arrived yet, what do I do?

In our email confirming the shipment you will find the courier tracking number. If you find it difficult to track down your package or believe that there may be problems with delivery, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be happy to help you.

I liked the service a lot, how can I help you?

Beautiful question. Since we want to keep costs low for the consumer without asking the producers to sell off their work, we simply ask you to spread the word. Let your contacts know through social media that you’ve discovered this beautiful place called fooz!. We have prepared a post that you can easily share. This will help you keep your marketing costs lower and the right final price.